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September 23, 2021

Mom gives birth to 'miracle baby' after buying sperm online


Mom gives birth to 'miracle baby' after buying sperm online

Stephanie Taylor is now mother to two children, after she bought sperm online.

The 33-year-old mom from Nunthorpe in the UK initially thought she had to abandon her plan of having a second child after breaking up with her partner.

She also realised the hefty price you have to pay to private fertility clinics if you want to have a baby. In South Africa, fertility treatments can run into the hundreds of thousands of rands, so it's not surprising that this isn't a simple choice for some. 

Taylor  told The Mirror that she had longed to complete her family for many years, until a friend recommended she try the Just A Baby App, which Taylor then used to order live sperm online.

Taylor specified on the App that she wanted a family-orientated man with no history of serious illnesses, and insisted that the ideal candidate would be someone similar to her so that the child would look like her older son, Frankie.

Within a day, Taylor found her match and just a few weeks later, a sperm sample was delivered to her doorstep.

Taylor then purchased a home insemination kit on eBay and learned how to use it by watching YouTube tutorials.

She used the sample to inseminate herself, and two weeks later she was pregnant - on her first attempt. Nine months later she gave birth to her baby Eden whom she describes as a 'miracle' and a 'real online baby.'

This mom says that she is proud of how her son came into this world, and she believes that if she did not have access to the internet, she would not have a second baby.

"You can’t keep a sample in the fridge"  

Dr Lizle Oosthuizen, reproductive medicine specialist at Cape Fertility in Cape Town, in the Western Cape  told Parent24 that "To import sperm from outside of South Africa you will require an import permit from the HPCSA.

She explains that sperm banks in South Africa are usually tied to clinics, and while you can request sperm from one bank or another, you will need to have treatment through a clinic. 

"Live births from donor sperm in South Africa need to be recorded by law as there is a limit as to how many live births are allowed per donor. Sperm is prepared in a specific way and is stored in a specific way so unfortunately, it’s not like the movies - you can’t keep a sample in the fridge until you need it," she says.

"Donors need to also pass stringent health screens, and not working through a reputable clinic means you could be putting your health at risk," she stresses. 

Home insemination in South Africa

The Aevitas Fertility Clinic in Cape Town offers frozen sperm for home insemination via their Aevitas Sperm Bank. Patients are first asked to complete a psychological test before selecting a preferred donor based on options such as 'race', 'hair colour', 'eye colour' and 'blood group'. 

Home insemination with donor sperm is then an option. The straws containing sperm are stored in a tube and preserved on dry ice, until ready for use, which then "allows the female partner to do the insemination process at her own convenience, by ejecting the sperm into the cervical area through means of a syringe and catheter" as explained by the Sperm Bank.

With the donor sperm costing R4000, and related expenses adding up, the costs can come to around R8000 per attempt.  

According to, prospective South African parents "may select and order donor sperm from the European Sperm Bank for cryogenic freezing and shipping to South Africa". 

Source: Mirror

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