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March 21, 2022

FIFA 2022 Worldcup Volunteer Registration


FIFA 2022 Worldcup Volunteer Registration

FIFA 2022 Volunteer Registration 

Application for FIFA 2022 Worldcup Volunteer Registration is open; the FIFA world cup 2022 is in Qatar in November. The Qatari government and the FIFA federation are trying their best to organize the best FIFA world cup there ever has been. They have constructed multiple international standard football stadiums for the specific event.

This will be one of the most significant volunteer activations in the history of Qatar. Twenty thousand volunteers will be selected from worldwide to participate during the whole world cup. Male and female applicants are both welcome to apply for this Volunteer program. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; we encourage interested candidates not to miss out on this opportunity as its a once in a lifetime event. 

Currently, 461537 volunteers have been already enrolled in this program. Applicants must be older than 16 to be eligible. Volunteers can be of any educational background, profession and nationality. International Students from any country can apply for the FIFA Volunteer program. For further details about the FIFA Worldcup 2022 Volunteer Program, check the details below and apply.

Details About FIFA 2022 Volunteer Program 2022

Country: Qatar

Event: FIFA World Cup


Date of Event: Nov-22

Recruitment Procedure

For the FIFA 2022 Worldcup Volunteer program, candidates need to follow the following steps:

  • Application completion.
  • An introduction video is to be short.
  • Applicants are to book an online group interview.
  • Selected candidates will be offered their roles.
  • Candidates will be provided training under mentorship.
  • Applicants will be provided to select their shifts.
  • Uniform and accreditation will be provided.
  • Applicants will be performing their duties throughout the tournament.
  • Selection is based on communication, leadership, language, teamwork, and engagement skills.

FIFA 2022 Worldcup Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Selection

Candidates with good leadership, language, communication, engagement, and teamwork skills are chosen to work in different functioning areas. Selected participants would have the chance to make the most of their unique skill set.

FAQs regarding Fifa Volunteer Program 2022:

#1 Transportation: 

Applicants will be provided free transportation within Qatar.

#2 Responsibilities: 

volunteers will be preparing for the FIFA World Cup, supporting events, and projects in services such as hospitality, marketing, catering, transportation, workforce management, and other areas.

#3 Entry:

 Qatar offers 80 plus countries visa-free access. Other countries are to visit the official website for details.

#4 Meals:
 one meal will be provided for each eight-hour shift, two meals will be provided to people who have shifts longer than 2 hours.

#5 Holidays:
 one day holiday will be provided after seven days.

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